Glasses Repair & Knife Sharpening in Palm Desert, CA

Among some of the other consumer goods we provide repairs for, Expert Repairs is the place where you can get your knives sharpened, as well as glasses repair in Palm Desert, CA. Instead of having to find specialists for either of these tasks, we make it easy to drop them off and pick them up again, good as need!

Repairing All Frames

repairing glasses

From off-the-rack frames you’ve had for years, to design frames you bought just last week, count on us for repairs when it comes to any kind of eyeglasses. We handle your frames with care, whether they’re a discount, well-worn pair or a special set you only wear occasionally.
*Please note, we do not perform any repairs to lenses and do not offer any optic services outside of general eyeglass frame repairs.

Custom Frame Repairs

Have custom frames that need repairs or need a pair of glasses specially fabricated for you? We offer argon welding services to perfectly shape frames around your specifications. We save you the cost of having to find completely custom design frames, which can range in the thousands of dollars!

Knife Sharpening

There’s nothing like a good knife in the kitchen or out in the field. But, even the best knives lose their edge over time and need to be sharpened. Don’t ruin your quality knives by sharpening them yourself or giving them to a discount service! Instead, restore the edge without damaging the integrity—let Expert Repairs provide you with expert knife sharpening in Palm Desert, CA. We’ll get your knives back to you same-day or next-day, with a razor-sharp edge that’s ready to slice perfectly for years to come.

Contact Expert Repairs for more information about our experience with eyeglass frame repairs or knife sharpening, or visit our store today in the Westfield Palm Desert mall.