December 18, 2022

"Did a good job, within a couple of hours. They were on time and on budget. They charged me exactly the guoted about. I would recommend them to anyone."
December 7, 2022

"This business not only offers expertise, but great customer service as well. I highly recommend it!"
May 26, 2022

"Excellent service and knowledge of the watches. They also have an excellent selection of watches that I have to go back and fully check out."
August 9, 2021

"This place is great I went to get my Swiss battery replaced any places could not get the back cover open but they took it and took 15 minutes and came back perfect. Friendly service on the cost $15 plus they did not scratch the cover which many places do which means they have the correct tools to get the cover off"
July 4, 2021

"I have nothing but compliments for these guys. I like to tinker, so I had taken my watch apart to adjust the speed of my watch since it was running a bit slow. I ended up ruining my main spring. When I got my watch back from repair it is now running better than it was brand new, and perfectly spot on time. I would totally recommend them."
Expert Repairs